About us

MBM Software is one of the most important Romanian software developers for network management, asset management  and helpdesk software applications.

MBM Software was aiming from 2005 at top network management areas for IT&C. In 2006, Reliable Assets and Reliable HelpDesk were some of the fastest growing technologies on the market. Covering many issues of the asset management and helpdesk, these solutions conquered quickly both our partners and our customers by their complexity and features. At the beginning of 2007, a new brand called Reliable CRM was launched, providing efficient customer relationship and management tools and enabling better sales performance.

The vision of MBM is to work together with our clients to fulfill each of their requirements. Providing the best software and web technologies which covers specific needs is the only thing that satisfies our customers. By infusing this vision into our work, we become able of translating a thought into reality.

We believe we strived and managed to become a highly flexible and responsible organisation. Our highly skilled and carefully balanced team of software developers, combined with our wealth of experience, are our key success factors.

For more information please visit us at: www.mbmsoftware.com