Why Reliable HelpDesk

Having recently been confronted with a considerable inflow of issues both in the MIS and Facilities departments, Allegro MicroSystems Ph. considered implementing a helpdesk solution suitable for the specific problems of each department. In addition to standardizing its processes and internal flow, the chosen solution should provide robust integration capabilities.

After carefully analyzing numerous options on the market, Allegro decided to use Reliable Helpdesk(TM), following the advise of Softrend PH, our local area partner.

Benefits to information tracking system

Out of Reliable Helpdesk’s many improvements with a strong impact in our company, the following two have been particularly valuable to our team:

  1. The ability of defining unlimited fields in the ticket submission form. Although this is possible with some other solutions, having the fields link to each other based on predefined values is something that opens unlimited possibilities. This was exactly what Allegro was looking for: some fields in the Facilities ticket form would have to appear depending on the values of other fields in the form.
  2. Since the ticket form is so flexible thanks our technology, so would have to be the reporting section of our helpdesk. And indeed it is, with countless options of defining new reports based on all imaginable filters.

But this was not enough. Allegro also had specific requirements based on their type of activity and their company standards. These requirements were gathered into a technical specification sheet and were addressed by our team of specialists. This type of custom-made changes are often made by our team as we are aware that no matter how good and comprehensive a software solution is it will eventually require some tweaking to meet a specific demand.


Now, with Reliable Helpdesk, Allegro finally found an effective way to centralize problems from two different departments while not compromising on the specificity of the issue and on the quality of the reporting data.

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