What is Reliable HelpDesk?

Reliable Helpdesk is a web-based help-desk solution that enables the support team of an organization to manage efficiently all incoming requests posted by users without dedicated IT resources.

Built around the ITIL Standard, which addresses ticket management, problem management and change management, Reliable HelpDesk covers and standardizes all the issues that might appear in an organization and the way they are handled. Moreover, work redundancy is drastically reduced due to the existence of a knowledge base where relevant items, such as past solved problems, are kept for users’ review.

Do I need to install or download any software?

You don’t need to install anything if you use Reliable HelpDesk. With only a few clicks you can have your own HelpDesk platform fully hosted on our server systems and fully accessible through an Internet connection.

What’s available in the Free version?

The free version of Helpdesk has access to all features of Reliable HelpDesk with one staff member (including the person that signs up), 250MB space, unlimited customer accounts, a 300 ticket monthly quota, and 5 accounts for the email-to-ticket feature. No payment is required.  You will receive  a short notice asking you to confirm whether you choose to opt to continue using Reliable HelpDesk based on a monthly subscription. The free account may be disabled at the end of the trial period if you do not confirm your option by that date.

Is my data safe and secured?

Protecting your personal information security using Reliable HelpDesk is our main concern. We store the personal information we collect on data centers with limited access, which are located in controlled facilities, running multiple levels of backups. We protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure by using encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

What happens with my data if Reliable HelpDesk goes out of business?

In case Reliable HelpDesk is acquired or merges with another company, your information may be transferred. In case of we cease trading or file for bankruptcy, the your information will not be transferred to a third party. We will notify you if your information is to be subject to a different privacy policy.