When do we need a HelpDesk solution?

Some of the situations that may prompt you to consider a HelpDesk solution include:

  • Your customers seek an added level of confidence when conducting business.
  • Your company needs improved adaptability to changing business environment.
  • Your technical staff needs to put out fires each time problems reoccur.
  • Your technical experts hardly get any downtime.
  • Your technical staff does not keep track of software changes.
  • You read a confusing „HR/Staff Cost” report.
  • Managers have little control over Quality/Response Time ratio.
  • Managers need more information.
  • Outdated customer support, split over several technologies, and not meeting current demands.


From customer’s perspective, the entire process should be transparent, with an easy-to-follow logical workflow for solving incidents reported to helpdesk. Here is how your customers look at the helpdesk process:


How Does a HelpDesk Application Affect Employees?

  • HelpDesk sends company-wide messages to all employees.
  • HelpDesk adds value to your company by sharing and disemminating information to employees.
  • HelpDesk increases the awareness level of every employee regarding their role in your company by tracking and measuring the effect their work has on your company’s customers.

How do I implement a HelpDesk solution?

Implementing a helpdesk solution can take many forms, depending on your company’s profile, type of customers, and type of problems your customers report. The following is a list of business process where helpdesk has a significant role. To smoothly implement a helpdesk solution, the following steps are required:

  • Planing in stages
  • Identify immediate advantages
  • Disperse the benefits stemming from helpdesk solution to all employees
  • Upgrade from „training your staff” to „customer service staff”
  • Educate your customers on using helpdesk
  • Promoting and Selling your service