Reliable HelpDesk Features Summary

Reliable Helpdesk, a product of MBM Software, is a web-based, simple, and efficient help desk solution.  Its implicit functionality caters to technology industry, but it adapts easily to other industries such as healthcare, finance, or education by using its state-of-the-art customization features. Not only HelpDesk solution increases the effectiveness of your customer support department, but it also reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Reliable HelpDesk is a cross platform solution, running smoothly on Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. It is also a cross browser solution, compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefor, Safari or Google Chrome browsers, or any web-enabled smartphone. To ensure data reliability, HelpDesk employs industry level back-end database solutions, namely PostgreSQL or Oracle.

HelpDesk Features
  • 100% web-based helpdesk solution – cross browser functional, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari or Google Chrome browsers. Also available on web-enabled smartphones.
  • Cross platform Helpdesk – runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Requires no applets or other plug-ins.
  • Ease of use – your support staff will appreciate the easy to use yet powerful user interface.
  • Adaptable and Scalable – you customize HelpDesk to meet your needs, including  the number and order of fields. Unlike other applications, HelpDesk will perform well with large data.
  • Easy configuration – it takes only few steps to configure HelpDesk.
Powerful reporting
  • Native reporting solutions – generate reports within HelpDesk, no need for another reporting solution.
  • Build reports quickly – create condition sets and combine them to build report queries. Simple, elegant, flexible, powerful reporting approach, providing managers with business intelligence.
  • Create filters on ticket fields – filter on both standard and custom ticket fields.
Impressive Customer Service
  • Free training session – Even though HelpDesk is intuitive and simple, we provide free training to make sure our customers use it effectively from day one.
  • Always by your side, always available – when you have a question or problem, we are ready to help.
Your success is our mission

MBM Software offers excellent solutions, and Reliable Helpdesk is no different. If we provide superior support, we are only half-way in making you successful. We measure our success by how successful your business is.