Need of customer requests tracking system

After identifying the need to have better and more reliable customer service, SoftRend  analyzed the implementation of ticketing solution within the company. We chose Reliable HelpDesk  the motivation being an effective collaboration and a great way to keep in touch with all  our customers and partners, helping Softrend professionals intervene as promptly as possible to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

How HelpDesk meets our needs

Reliable HelpDesk enables medium and large sized organizations to manage user requests and problems (either local or external customers) by implementing a notifications tracking system. By controlling the access level for technicians, our clients’ problems are prioritized, and their condition is monitored until the time these are solved. The supervisors and technicians, may insert solved issues into the knowledgebase for future reference, along with other useful details.

Specific workflow changes

Our view on the workflow comprised a system which would allow generating reports based on customer requirements or needs with constant access to the state of the issued ticket. According to this information, the activity of our company would be deployed and managed in an efficient manner allowing prioritization and centralized management of each complaint.

For each submitted ticket  the application generates alerts via an e-mail system. For example, assume a SoftRend customer makes a complaint. Whatever its type is, first it is necessary to log on the server dedicated to the Reliable Helpdesk application, which is performed under a single account.

Following successful authentication, the client is automatically redirected to the section dedicated to problem tickets. In this section, depending on the degree and type of problem, staff members set the priority and category for each ticket. Additionally, the person that issued a ticket can monitor it for changes in status or person allocated to solve it.

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