Scenario for Pharmaceutical Company’s Distribution Channel

A pharmaceutical company is responsible not only for the research and production of drugs and medication, but also for distributing the products to various stores to reach the customers. HelpDesk serves as an easy-to-use tool for problems that may occur in the transportation and delivery channel, involving the pharmaceutical company, distributors, and local pharmacies. This business scenario has the following processes and characteristics:

  • The pharmaceutical company conducts the research and produces various drugs and medication.
  • From the pharmaceutical company’s production facilities, the products are taken by distributors who know the local markets, hospital, doctors, and stores.
  • Distributors, using their transportation resources and planning capabilities, supply pharmacies located in hospitals and local stores.

Implementing the HelpDesk solution

When using HelpDesk solution in this business scenario, the roles available in HelpDesk correspond to business roles as follows:

  1. To each HelpDesk supervisor corresponds a pharmaceutical company distribution channel manager, responsible for interacting with distributors in the country.
  2. To each HelpDesk technician corresponds a representative of a distributor, responsible for interacting with pharmacies and solving any transportation shipments.
  3. To each Helpdesk external client corresponds a representative from a pharmacy, who reports any problems with medication shipments to the store.
  4. Create transportation and delivery categories – used to categorize problems pharmacies will report to distributors. Additionally, create the ticket fields structure, so tickets capture information about shipment request, store location, quantity, shipment delivery date.
  5. Create an email address for automatically receiving helpdesk tickets.
  6. Create a connection between problem categories and existing technicians to mimic the relationships between distributors and their role in the distribution chain.
  7. Technicians, acting as representatives of the distributors, solve the problem and give stores adequate resolutions to shipment problems.


Pharmacy Workflow Scenario using Reliable Helpdesk